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Update, 9/30/2018  This site is now an archive of the work done over a period of 7 years supporting documentaries about the veteran community. I am now pursuing other projects. I’d like to thank the veteran community for supporting the work that myself and my colleagues did on behalf of the filmmakers, and encourage veterans and their families to keep writing and telling their personal histories about life during and after war.  With warm regards, Kanani Fong

Fire Squad:  We work with distributors, publicists, filmmakers and authors to help them find their audience within all levels of a given community. From governmental entities, corporations, non profit organizations, civic and community groups, to impassioned individuals, we find the foot soldiers who will embrace and propel it to the attention of the public.  

We don’t shy away from the book or the film about war, combat, or the aftermath. Every person who goes to war, and every family who lives through it, has a story to tell. Whether it’s a book, film, or some other incredible mind-bending project, Fire Squad will make sure your story finds the right audience.


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